MYOB Integration

Click here for Workflow diagram between Flex Catering and MYOB.

Rules and Notes

1. The Customer reconciliation between the 2 systems is done by the Company Name first. If the Company Name is empty then First and Last Name is used to match the Customers between the 2 systems, Flex Catering and MYOB.

2. Company Name MUST be unique. Hence if the Company Name already exists in MYOB, it will be updated as per Flex Catering. If there is no Company Name, then it will validate user by First and Last name.

3. If the Customer is not found in MYOB (see item 3 on how customers are reconciled), the import process will create a New Contact in MYOB as per Flex Catering.

4.  Order Status in Flex Catering = Sale Type in MYOB (Flex Catering – MYOB):
– Approved = Order
– Invoiced = Invoice
– Pending/Quote orders are not imported to MYOB

5. If order is imported to MYOB, it will not allow to import this same order again (Ticked as Imported to MYOB in Flex Catering). If order is edited in Flex Catering, it removes this tick and allows to update (re-import) this order into MYOB.

6. Manually added Orders in MYOB may not be imported/updated by Flex Catering.

7. Invoice(s) in MYOB can not be updated via API. Flex Catering will be able to import Invoice sales type, but not update existing Invoices. Flex Catering can only update existing sale type Orders and Quote.

8. This is how the integration handles Payment:
– If new Order, it will import the order to MYOB with its respective payment (if any).
– If there is no payment in MYOB, it will update payment as per Flex Catering.
– If partial payment exists in MYOB (manually entered in MYOB), it will update the order, ignore payment from Flex Catering and keep payment as per MYOB.
– If order is Fully Paid in MYOB, order can’t be updated in MYOB from Flex Catering (You need to remove payment in MYOB first if you want to update this specific order).
– These rules do not apply to Invoice sale type once Invoice sale type can not be updated via API.

9. Delivery fee (and Extra Delivery Fee) in Flex Catering is passed as line item in MYOB.

10. Discount added in Flex Catering is passed as line item in MYOB.

11. Ticks next to the orders in the order list:
– Green tick: Successfully imported into MYOB.
– Yellow tick: It was successfully imported but has been edited since. It can be re-imported.
– Red tick: failed to import.


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Peter Botros
Peter Botros
01:23 05 Aug 19
Flex Catering was the best business decision we made. It has built consistency within the business and provided transparency for our customers. Now customers can view and order from our online menu. Our staff can easily identify the confirmed orders and print specific production reports for the kitchen and drivers. Customer support is always online and very helpful. New versions are released every few weeks or so with nice additional features which are always very welcome and helpful. A big thumbs up to the Flex team :)
Email David
Email David
00:14 14 Apr 19
Very quick, very good and getting better all the time - great customer experience
John Mulligan
John Mulligan
20:27 11 Mar 19
Flex catering provide a great personalised service an excellent product that is constantly evolving based on feedback from their clients. Well done.
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